Here's a few of the e-mails we've received:

Good morning, I tried the shoes out again this weekend and had no problems at all. My wife and I hiked up the Forest City trail to Camel's Hump and they were fantastic. The bindings were very secure - I must not have snugged them completely the first time. Now all we need is more snow! Thanks for your support, as well as for making an excellent product. Spencer C.

These snowshoes are the best Ive ever used - they are extremely lightweight and the narrow design allows unhindered mobility. The modular components create an extremely versatile system without spending a lot of money. Customer service is also first rate. I at first thought I had a problem with the binding (turned out to be my error) and the company was completely supportive. I am very impressed with the whole experience and I highly recommend Dion snowshoes to anyone. Spencer C.

Thanks so much, Bob! And thanks very much for talking to me and explaining everything so well. Melissa B

Those shoes are fantastic, I have had two weekends with them, this last one was in a two day powerful snow storm when we did some climbing in Yosemite again, used my MSR shoes and yours both due to heavy conditons and weight of pack, but they are fantastic. Thanks Mike H. California

Greetings Robert Dion I raced Saturday in the Echo Summit to Kirkwood 16 mile cross country snowshoe race, and took second in my division, and those shoes I purchased from you were fantastic. I have used them most weekends on workouts and hikes now although once with a large load and once in very deep powder switched to the MSR shoes for a day. You make a fantastic product and a few people watched me put them on and take them off at the race and said, wow! So, maybe some more California snowshoers will call you. Hope it is a great season for you. We have the most snow in many years and it keeps coming. During the race it was a blizzard a good portion of the time. Starting temp was 12 and it went up to 19 at the end. Regards Michael H. California

I just wanted to write and compliment you on the quick turn around. I think this is the first internet purchase I made that the order went out 3 hours after the order was placed. thanks Jim P.

Bob, So glad you are well and that the orders are rolling in Ė they should be, your snow shoes rock. Thank you so much. Kelly

Bob: Thanks for taking the time to explain to me about the best snowshoe for my husband this afternoon. Iíve placed the order on-line, and Iím excited to see how they will perform. Many of my Saratoga Stryders friends have Dions, and they all feel they are a wonderful product. As a triathlete, Iíve found that snowshoeing is a great form of cross-training. In the winter, almost all of my ďlong slow runsĒ are snowshoe workouts. Best wishes for continued success, Christine M.

My only problems @ Woodford were hitting every rock on the course and just trying to get through it all. Bindings were good, thanks to your advise I now know to pull up rather than down. I'm looking forward to hopefully using them on groomed trails at Bolton Valley. See you There Andy

Hi Bob, Thanks for dropping off that cleat. I was amazed how easily it went. Great design! . I really appreciate the door to door service! Thanks again, Garry

Hello Bob, We have a customer who is heading up here this weekend. He is a committed snowshoer and likes your snowshoes (bought a couple pair already). He's 240! Can you call me about options. If we can get a pair here by the weekend he'd be psyched. He has and likes the "powder coated" frame. Thanks, Diny

They were fantastic. They seem much lighter than my others. Don't know if that's true or not. Because I like them so much I'm selling my old Sherpas that were a back up for racing. The Vermont Life article was neat. I'm going to try to buy that issue. See you next week at Greylock. Bob

Bob Dion owner of Dion Snowshoes will be at the Cayuga Nordic Ski Club Snowfest, with demo shoes. In my opinion his are the best snowshoes made. As some of you know, I have been snowshoe racing for over 20 years now, and have seen most of running snowshoes that have been made. PJ (the Martha Stewart winner at the Triennial) use a pair for the Empire State Games 5K and won a medal. His shoes come with interchangeable bindings and cleats. So you can customize yours shoes for the snow conditions on race day. Come on out and try them. Jim

Bob, Seriously at a minimum let me pay you cost for the extra cleats. I am very happy with the shoes and I realize you stand behind your products 100% and provide good service(That's why I purchased from you, I have a broken Atlas shoe I had to send back through a retailer a month ago and I still don't have the shoes back). As I mentioned the cleat can be repaired, so I don't need new cleats. I don't mind buying an extra pair of cleats now as opposed to later (I'd need them eventually anyway). I would consider repair of the cleat adequate service. Matt

Hi Bob, Just a short note to say thanks for the quick turnaround. I received the package containing the bindings and cleats on Thursday. They look great and I'm looking forward to using them Sunday morning. I truly appreciate having your snowshoes. Even though I'm a pretty cas' when it comes to the WMAC series races, I've been running on snowshoes since 1994. As a former Tubbs owner, I feel you deserve special thanks for developing such great gear at affordable prices, keeping snowshoeing racing alive in New England, and promoting it as a sport/activity for everyone. Regards, --Allen

my dad and i have worn Dion snowshoes for the last three years, putting on a combined over 1500 miles. we can honestly say they are the most comfortable snowshoes we have worn, and between us we have worn just absolutely every brand. - Ed A.

An absolutely incredible operation - I submitted my order Friday morning, had an e-mail from them later that morning with a question, and once Id answered it my snowshoes shipped that afternoon - I received them 2 1/2 days later! Having met the owner I know how important customer satisfaction is to him - I have every confidence that if I ever have a problem with the snowshoes he will do everything he can to assist me. The snowshoes themselves are also great! I cant recommend this company enough! Fantastic! Jamie H.

Hey Bob, Iím definitely racing at Nationals. Hopefully Iíll be in contention for the win. I like the course a lot. I am interested in trading shoes. You can hang mine on the wall as the most abused pair EVER. They have served me well though. I will probably be wearing my CMS Polar singlet to Nationals, but I will wear a Dion hat or the singlet unless itís ridiculously hot. Thanks for all of your help getting me into snowshoe racing and running. It has been so much fun racing and has allowed me to keep running in the mountains in the winter. On a side note, I have had a few people come to me asking for snowshoe recommendations and I have recommended your shoes. When they find out that Iíve had them above tree line theyíre usually sold, haha. Let me know if you want some photos from some of those runs. I have them on my home computer. See you in Bolton, Kevin T.

Bob, While Kelli and I would love to race in Dion shoes at nationals this year, we have a previous commitment with Atlas. This is unfortunate because (1) we think that you make a superior shoe, (2) we would rather support a local company, and (3) we respect the tremendous work that you do for the New England snowshoeing community. We did, however, make a verbal commitment to Adam (Atlas team captain) and we feel that it would be dishonest to back out for the biggest race of the year. This sucks. I wish that we would have contacted you at the beginning of the season because we would rather be in Dions. Paul L.

Hi Bob, I would love to run with your singlet on at nationals. I bought a pair of snowshoes from you earlier this year and I love them. I might be one of the only guys not sponsored by Atlas that makes the top 5 this year. Mark C.

I've been running on Redfeathers for 3 years. This morning I ran on Cresent Moon Gold Series--much lighter and narrower than the Reds. The last 10 mins of my run I tried on Sherry Hecker's Dions---no question about it. They're the better snowshoes!!!

Hey Bob,

Just got back from running in our new 121ís and love them. Very impressive snowshoe.

The angle of the tip (front) was a little less than what I was used to and at first I thought I was sort of stubbing my toe, but it might just have been more me. After about 5 minutes they felt awesome. Loved the secure feel on traverses and they felt much more natural than what weíve been running in too. We both felt as though there was less energy loss and slipping than our other shoes. Sara has had problems with her metatarsals on her old snowshoes, but didnít feel a thing with yours. I wore them for half the run, than switched with Sara. We really noticed the difference when switching back to our old ones.

AnyhowÖÖthe bottom line is we NEED another pair.

Sorry to be a pain, but we would really like to get another pair asap. Thatís what happens when you make awesome snowshoes!

Let us know when you get a chance.

Thanks again, Derrick

Bob- I got my snowshoes last year from Christmas- I'm so thankful my uncle helped pick these out for me! Well, it's finally snowshoe season and they're getting some attention once again. Whenever I wear them, people are curious...and since I love them, I rave! A few of my friends have ordered some after giving mine a try, or simply listening to me go on and on and on about how great they are! I was wondering if you had some brochures, business cards or something like that that you can send to me so I can give the information out to others who might ask. I usually refer people to the website, but for some people it's a bit intimidating trying to figure out what they need. (At this point, my friends usually call me and ask what I have and I help them through the ordering process).

Happy snowshoeing, Sherry H


Samantha ran on her new 121's today. What a nice snowshoe for sprints. She is very impressed with 2 things, 1)the binding system and 2)the traction. Hands down better then the Northern Lites. Nice job!


Gary W. S

Hi Folks;

Just wanted to let you know that I have climbed four Adirondack High Peaks in winter: Tabletop, Panther, Couchsachraga and Allen using the same pair of snowshoes that I bought from you for racing. While not specifically sold as mountain snowshoes, they performed admirably and attached easily to my pack when the need arose.

Hope to see you soon at some of the local events. Looks like we are going to get it all at once this year!

All the best, Marty

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