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Although there are several different snowshoe frames to choose from, the basic rule is this : For packed snow - any model will work. For deep snow - the more you weigh, the larger the frame you need. All frames are interchangeable and can be switched in a matter of seconds!

NOTE: There is no "wrong" choice. Just as choosing a running shoe with CUSHIONING vs. SUPPORT, the farther or faster you go, the more noticeable the difference.

There are 3 categories (Snowshoe Racing, Recreational/Fitness, and Back-Country Hiking) of frames listed below. Find the category that best describes your activity.

For Snowshoe Racing, it's best to get the smallest size allowed. This is usually 120" F.S.A (120" functional surface area). Some races still require 8"x25" frames. Our Model 121 (121" F.S.A.) is not only the smallest and narrowest on the market, but, because of the design, has the most flotation. Weight is also a key factor. Unlike other brands, we don't sacrifice durability or function to save weight. (Also, our Teflon coated cleats prevent ice and snow build-up which is a huge factor in reducing weight.)

Model 121 is the smallest and narrowest snowshoe allowed by the USSSA. Great for Sprints, 5k and short distances but also able to handle the long stuff.

For Fitness or Recreational Snowshoeing you typically need a snowshoe that can handle the deeper powder and abuse associated with ungroomed trails and rugged terrain. For this purpose we offer two models.

- Our Model 132 has the same interchangeable design as our Model 121 racer, but has larger tubing for additional durability.

- Our Model 166 provides additional surface area due to its larger frame. The additional surface area of this model's frame provides more "float" while running or hiking on ungroomed trails in deep powder.

For Back-Country Hiking, an even larger, more durable snowshoe would be your best choice.

- Our Model 220 is the largest frame that we sell and provides plenty of “float” and a dual heel cleat. You would choose this system if you planned on hiking in the back-country with its rugged terrain and deep powder.

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Model 121 Racing Frame
Model 121 Racing Frame

Model 164 Fitness/Hiking Frame
Model 164 Fitness/Hiking Frame

Model 132 Run/Fitness Frame
Model 132 Run/Fitness Frame